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Big Brake Kits

Big brake kits are the ultimate upgrade for your braking system. Instead of replacing individual components, such as brake pads, rotors, or brake lines, big brake kit solutions offer a complete replacement for your caliper and all associated components. In addition, like the nickname suggests, big brake kits often utilize much larger rotors and calipers. These complete upgrades come at a significant cost when compared to replacement items for factory systems.

Before jumping to the conclusion that a big brake kit is the correct solution for you, your specific usage may or may not warrant the need. The average daily driven car will be perfectly acceptable with upgraded factory sized rotors and brake pads. However, many enthusiasts will push their brakes to speeds and abuses far beyond what the factory system was intended for. Cars producing twice as much horsepower as originally equipped, or drivers who are regularly taking their cars to track events and braking at Autobahn-type speeds, would be examples of applications warranting big brake kits.

The increased size of big brake kits is not what automatically increases stopping power. Rather, it is the larger calipers and quantity of pistons that drastically increase the clamping force. Increased rotor diameter increases the surface area for which heat may be dispersed over. In addition, lighter materials and two-piece rotor designs can even help reduce the weight of the setup when compared to factory brakes.

Aside from major performance benefits, big brake kits are often a stylish upgrade to match your larger wheels. Many styles and caliper colors are available to match a big brake kit to your particular car. It is worth noting that the larger calipers can effect which wheels are able to be mounted on your car. In many cases, factory wheels will no longer be able to be used with the increase brake size. We recommend ensuring proper clearance for your wheels before purchasing a big brake kit, or vice versa.

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