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UpRev Osiris ECU Tuner for 350Z/G35

Price: $699.00  with Free Shipping!
  • 350Z
  • G35


Taking the UpRev Osiris reflash one step further, the Osiris Tuner package is a full-featured tuning solution for your 2003-08 Nissan 350Z or Infiniti G35 that does not require an UpRev Pro Tuner to provide reflash maps or tuning. Ideal for those too distant from any Pro Tuner, or who have the experience to tune their vehicle themselves, the Tuner package includes the UpRev Cipher cable, flash utility, ROM editor, and the reflash license for one ECU. The vehicle's factory ECU may then be flashed as many times as necessary. Both naturally aspirated and forced induction applications can benefit from the Tuner solution with dyno tuning.

The Osiris Tuner package will not include any maps, as the end user or tuner is expected to develop their own maps from the included stock ROM files. Paid technical support is available through Injected Performance for assistance in working with these ROM files, although free documentation is available as well.

Supported parameters include:

* Up to five maps on cruise control equipped vehicles
* Idle RPM
* Speed limiter (or removal)
* Electronic throttle control to achieve wide open throttle at all speeds
* Rev limiter (or removal)
* DTC disable
* AFR targets
* Fuel tuning
* Ignition timing advance
* Cam phasing for equipped vehicles
* MAF transfer function
* Cranking enrichment and ignition advance
* Injector latency
* K fuel multiplier
* Intake temperature
* Calculated load vs. RPM
* Minimum effective injector pulse width

In addition to these parameters, all functions of the Cipher cable are present as well, allowing for logging and basic dealership functions to be performed.

UpRev is new to the engine management scene, but offers strong solutions for the aftermarket Nissan crowd. Specializing in working with the factory ECU, UpRev offers unique products that can allow for quality tuning in ways normally only available with standalone computers. UpRev relies upon their Pro Tuner network to promote their line and tune vehicles with their products. Injected Performance is a registered UpRev Pro Tuner ready to serve your needs.

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