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Stillen Hi-Flow Intake Kit With Z-Tube for G35

Price: $276.69  $306.61
Part: 402834
  • G35


Z-Tube Constructed of Roto-Molded Plastic
Connections For All Factory Breather Tubes
Increased Throttle Response, Adds 11HP Sedan, 5HP Coupe
Genuine K&N Air Filter w/ 1,000,000 Mile Warranty
Eliminates Factory Baffling, Increasing Flow Efficiency
Limited Lifetime Warranty

The intake tract on the G35 and FX35 was not designed for maximum performance.  The 350Z, which shares its engine with these vehicles, is equipped with a much more efficient intake tube that is interchangeable with the G35 and FX35.  OEM parts are expensive, however.  The STILLEN Z-Tube offers all the performance of the 350Z tube without the high OEM price tag.


Made of rotomolded plastic, this product has excellent insulation qualities. This helps to isolate incoming air from engine heat, resulting in a colder intake charge and increased power. Use this with the stock airbox or for maximum gains add the STILLEN Hi-Flow Intake, our part #402835.


Due to the different states of tune of each model, the intake (independent of the Z-Tube) adds 11 horsepower at 6,100 RPM to the G35 Sedan and 5 ponies at 5,700 RPM to the Coupe. Comprised of a high-quality polyurethane intake port, washable and reusable cotton filter element, and STILLEN's signature Aluminum Venturi Ring, the Intake draws air from outside the engine bay.

The Venturi ring acts as a velocity stack, speeding up and directing the airflow into the intake chambers, making more useable and noticeable power.

The Intake System also lends a more aggressive tone to the G35 and FX35 when pressed, but remains unobtrusive at idle. Every magazine has been impressed with the G35's performance characteristics; and the STILLEN Hi-Flow Intake System is the perfect way to add an edge to yours.


The Z-Tube / Intake Combo package is the affordable way to upgrade the entire intake tract, combining the Z-Tube (Part #402834)  and Hi-Flow Intake (Part #402835)  in one convenient part number. 

This Part Fits
2003-2006 Infiniti G35
2007 Infiniti G35 - Coupe

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