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Nissan GT-R

After years of patiently waiting for a Nissan Skyline incarnation to arrive to the US, Nissan enthusiasts were granted their wish in the form of the R35 Nissan GT-R. Finally, “the legend is real.” The R35 GT-R, although purposely not referred to as a skyline, certainly follows in the footsteps of the widely popular R34 Skyline, known for world-class handling abilities and seemingly endless potential for horsepower. The R35 GT-R is an ATTESA all-wheel drive coupe powered by the very potent VR38DETT, which produces 480+ horsepower and similarly impressive amounts of torque.  A revolutionary semi-automatic dual clutch six-speed manual transmission is mounted in the rear and allows the GT-R to place power to the ground better than nearly every other production sports car.

Much like previous GT-R models, it did not take long for various manufacturers to begin producing upgrades for this new supercar. Simple bolt-ons, such as downpipes, exhaust systems, and intakes help unleash surprising amounts of power without the expense of a warranty. Engine tuning will help make the most of these upgrades, but upgraded turbos, actuators, and intercoolers can create amazing amounts of power in a hurry.  Although the GT-R has developed a reputation for a supposedly weak transmission, real-life results show that proper maintenance, upgraded fluids, and conservative launching techniques will preserve the transmission, despite significant power upgrades.

Although much of the focus lies on the power potential of the GT-R, its handling characteristics are equally impressive, thanks to the highly computerized all-wheel drive system and a well-developed suspension layout. Prior to the public release of the GT-R, it received worldwide attention when Nissan claimed that they had broken the production car record for the quickest lap around the Nurburgring. Despite speculation on exact times and records, the GT-R proved that it was undeniably fast around a road course, even with a relatively heavy chassis.  Once owners began taking their GT-Rs to the track, records would fall left and right at various tracks and in almost every racing organization.

We have found that the GT-R is perfectly enjoyable and capable at any road course with very simple upgrades. Those attending their first track day will benefit from changing their fluids and upgrading to any number of track-oriented brake pads. The GT-R can be blazing fast even in stock form, although numerous suspension upgrades make for a better planted ride around the corners. Popular upgrades include coilover shocks, stiffer sway bars, and wider wheels and tires to increase grip.

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