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Nissan 370Z

The Nissan 370Z represents the 6th incarnation of the famed Z-car lineup.  It is a complete redesign from its predecessor, the 350Z.  The 370Z features a shorter wheelbase, wider track width, stiffer chassis, and more powerful engine in comparison to the outgoing 350Z.  Trim levels on the 370Z are comprised of a base and touring model.  A sport package is available for both models adding a limited slip differential, lightweight 19-inch wheels, larger brakes, front and rear spoilers, and downshift rev-matching technology which automatically rev matches downshifts for the driver.  The sport package is definitely a worthwhile upgrade as the LSD, larger brakes, and wheels really increase the carís performance!  Even without a sport package being equipped, plenty of aftermarket upgrades are available to compensate for the LSD, larger brakes, and lightweight wheels.

The 370Z is powered by Nissanís VQ37VHR, which generates an impressive 332 horsepower from its V6 configuration. Like its predecessor, the 370Z is a phenomenal platform for engine modifications.  Bolt-on upgrades and tuning can yield impressive gains, but much like the VQ35 platform, forced induction will be the ultimate solution for those looking to make big power numbers.

The same basic multi-link suspension found in the 350Z serves to bond the 370Z firmly with the pavement.  However, handling in the 370Z benefits from a shorter wheel base, wider track width, and stiffer chassis.  The use of lighter weight materials also allows the 370Z to weigh in nearly 100lbs less than the 350Z.  Like the 350Z, owners looking for maximum cornering performance will find a camber adjustable upper control arm to be a useful upgrade.  A multitude of other suspension upgrades are available for the 370Z for both street and track performance.

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