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Nissan 350Z

The Nissan 350Z, introduced in 2003, marked the 5th generation of the legendary Z-car lineup.  The 350Z was offered in a number of trim packages as both a coupe and convertible.  Notable trim packages include base, enthusiast, performance, touring, grand touring, track and NISMO versions.  The track versions came with race-inspired upgrades like Brembo brake calipers and lightweight forged wheels.  The NISMO version took this concept further with a seam-welded chassis, various aerodynamic upgrades, and a stiffer suspension.

Early years of the 350Z came equipped with the impressive VQ35DE engine.  In 2005, Track models and 35th Anniversary models came equipped with a slightly higher output engine package dubbed the VQ35DE “rev-up.”   In 2006, the “rev-up” engine became standard on all trim levels with 6-speed manual transmissions.  For 2007, the engine was once again revised, this time replaced with the VQ35HR.  Vehicles with the VQ35HR engine can be easily distinguished by their bulging hood.  Aftermarket engine modifications are varied and range from simple bolt-on upgrades to fully built engines and forced induction.  Injected Performance’s own drag 350Z generates 1300+ horsepower on its built and boosted VQ engine!  This platform has enjoyed much success in the forced induction world, and will continue to be a very respectable option for those looking to make large amounts of horsepower. A fairly long wheelbase allows for this chassis to place the power to the ground surprisingly well.

Nissan chose to employ multi-link suspension designs in the front and rear of the 350Z.  Aluminum was used extensively in the suspension to reduce unsprung weight and improve handling performance.  The double lower pivots found in the 350Z front suspension earned Nissan numerous patents and reward the driver with great straight-line stability and phenomenal turn-in response; a difficult combination to obtain.  One shortcoming of the 350Z front suspension is the inability to adjust camber.  The aftermarket has produced a number of solutions to this problem in the form of camber adjustable upper control arms.  Some of the better upper control arms on the market also feature an adjustment to increase caster in the front suspension.  With a few extra points of adjustment, the 350Z can be adjusted into a very capable cornering machine on the street or track.

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