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Injected Performance Rear Coolant Bypass Kit for 350Z/G35

Price: $239.00  $299.00  with Free Shipping!
  • 350Z
  • G35


We offer this popular rear coolant bypass modification for owners of the 2003-06 Nissan 350Z and Infiniti G35 that commonly require this kit when drastically increasing power levels. This modification will open a port on the rear of your VQ35DE engine that is normally blocked off from the factory's design. By opening this port, additional coolant is flowed to the rear cylinders, increasing the cooling ability overall. Especially for customers who plan to track their cars, this is a great reliability modification, even on a mostly stock vehicle. Only Nissan OEM parts are used, and we offer this package as a convenient kit that is proven to have the correct fit and function.

Note: Professional installation is highly recommended. A new thermostat is included for your benefit, although not necessary to replace.

Injected Performance produces and assembles high quality items based on first-hand knowledge, experience, and track-tested results. Although our specialty lies in Nissan VQ35-related engine components, we have made high quality goods for many other markets as well, utilizing principles learned through our diverse experiences. Whether it is an item manufactured in-house, assembled from unique knowledge, or packaged in an innovative fashion, Injected Performance components should be at the top of your list.

Vehicle Specifications:

2003-2006 G35
2003-2006 350z

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