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Honda S2000

The Honda S2000 is a lightweight roadster praised for its nimble handling and high-revving engine.  It features a front-engine, rear-wheel drive layout with power coming from a 240HP Inline-4 cylinder engine.  The 2.0L engine found in the early AP1 model S2000 is reveled for having one of the highest power/per liter outputs of any naturally aspirated production engine of its time.  Better yet, the engine of the S2000 is placed entirely behind the front axles allowing for a near perfect 50/50 weight distribution.  Couple that balance with a double-wishbone suspension and it’s easy to see why the S2000 is a favorite amongst corner-carvers worldwide.

Honda produced two-variants of the S2000 – dubbed the AP1 (00-03) and AP2 (04-09).  Superiority of one generation over the other has been debated amongst owners and enthusiasts for years and there is really no clear consensus.  It seems to boil down to personal preference.  The AP1 is a high-revving, non-compromising, seat of your pants sports car that purists will love.  The AP2 is slightly more refined with a torquier engine, more practical interior, and a refined suspension that behaves more predictably at the limits.  For 2009 only, Honda produced a limited number of special edition S2000s called the “S2000 CR” (CR stands for Club-Racer).  This trim package was intended to provide owners with a track-ready vehicle right off the showroom floor.  A/C and a stereo were optional equipment and the soft-top was altogether removed and replaced with a lightweight aluminum hard-top.  The CR edition also featured aggressive aerodynamic treatments, forged wheels, additional chassis bracing, and further suspension revisions.  The CR S2000 quickly became the car to beat in SCCA Touring Car racing; a testament to Honda’s vision.

The S2000 is a phenomenally well-tuned car in stock form.  Nevertheless, there is an array of quality aftermarket upgrades available for the S2000.  Owners looking to take to the road course are just a brake pad upgrade and fluid flush away from a track-ready car.  Wider wheels and tires are a popular upgrade for the S2000 as are coilover shocks to further enhance the already superb handling of the S2000.  Those looking to add power can benefit by replacing the heavy stock exhaust with a performance single-outlet exhaust.  Also available for the S2000 are a number of supercharger kits capable of adding 100+HP to the already potent machine.

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