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Deatschwerks Drop-in Injectors for 350Z/G35

Price: $459.00  with Free Shipping!
Part: 21S-05-0440-6
  • 350Z
  • G35


These Deatschwerks high-flow injectors are a true drop-in fitment for your Nissan 350Z or Infiniti G35 with VQ35 engine (including HR and Rev-up) and feature high-impedance coils to match the OEM ECU.  Each injector is engineered to fit with the vehicle’s OEM harness, OEM fuel rail, and OEM manifold.  Additionally, every Deatschwerks injector set is flow balanced and thoroughly tested.  Deatschwerks collects and analyzes over 40 data points from every injector before it is approved for consumer use.  Injectors are analyzed as a complete set and flow balanced within 1-2%.  This commitment to quality ensures that customers receive only the best product.  Deatschwerks steadfast commitment to quality allows them to offer high-flow injectors with better fitment, easier tuning, and increased reliability when compared to their competitors.  All Deatschwerks products are backed by a 12-month comprehensive warranty.

Sizes available:
* 440cc
* 600cc
* 850cc
* 1000cc

Deatschwerks injectors are praised for their excellent tuning characteristics and superb fitment.  Every Deatschwerks injector is engineered to work with the OEM injector harness, OEM fuel rail, OEM manifold and OEM ECU.  No modifications are required to fit a Deatschwerks injector.  Additionally, every set of Deatschwerks injectors is flow balanced to within 1-2%.  Deatschwerks balances every injector in the set, not just one or two injectors like some manufacturers.  Deatschwerks steadfast commitment to quality has served to establish them as the premiere injector supplier for high-performance engines. 

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