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Deatschwerks 300 LPH High Pressure Fuel Pump for 350Z/G35

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Price: $169.00  with Free Shipping!
Part: 9-301s-1005
  • 350Z
  • G35


Deatschwerks offers a new generation of high-flow fuel pumps with their unique 300 LPH high volume fuel pump kit for your Nissan 350Z or Infiniti G35. Each pump is flow tested prior to leaving their facility, much like the Deatschwerks injectors. Going a step above and beyond, each pump includes a 3-year "no-fault" warranty, which is a first for this type of aftermarket fuel pump.

Customers familiar with the Walbro 255 design of fuel pumps, such as the GSS342, will recognize the shape, but not the performance or sound. By using a turbine design instead of Walbro's gerotor design, volume is decreased while efficiency and reliability are bolstered. This is a brand new offering and not a relabeled competitor's product.

Deatschwerks offers fuel components that are praised for their excellent tuning characteristics and superb fitment. Each product is flow tested before shipping, which ensures the highest quality control of any similar product, and reduces the amount of headaches and hassles faced with inconsistent alternatives. Their steadfast commitment to quality has served to establish them as the premiere injector supplier for high-performance engines.

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