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Cobb AccessPort for GT-R

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Price: $950.00  with Free Shipping!
Part: AP3-NIS-005
  • GT-R


This Cobb AccessPort for your 2009-11 Nissan GT-R is an innovative tuning device that allows the user to increase the performance of their vehicle by reprogramming the factory ECU.  The Cobb AccessPort tuning system is completely plug & play requiring no cutting, wiring, or other modifications.  AccessPort users can choose from one of several Cobb supplied base maps or create a custom map to suit the exact specifications demanded by their performance vehicle.  Multiple maps can be stored on the AccessPort unit and the system can be utilized to change maps on-the-fly when desired.  The AccessPort unit is also capable of monitoring performance and sensor data on-the-fly.  Unlike a standalone ECU, the Cobb AccessPort allows users to continue to read trouble codes from the vehicles onboard diagnostics system.  Additionally, the Cobb AccessPort can be removed in a matter of seconds for stealth dealer visits where it might be convenient to make the vehicle appear more stock-like.  The AccessPort tuning system allows you to unlock maximum performance from your vehicle while retaining the drivability and convenience of the OEM ECU.

The standard GT-R AccessPort is very powerful. However, Cobb has released an additional upgrade with many TCM features, including:

* Enhanced Launch Control
* Clutch Gear Learning
* Touch Point Adjustment
* Clutch Capacity Adjustment

These settings are designed to function with the stock clutch packs, but can provide an amazing array of tools for complete control of both engine and transmission settings.

Cobb Tuning is a world renown company for engine management and performance, mostly due to their success of the AccessPort product in the Subaru market. With this expertise, Cobb has expanded into other popular forced induction markets, developing high performance engine components and management solutions that are race-proven. Cobb AccessPorts feature extensive manufacturer support via downloadable maps for a variety of applications and setups.

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