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ARP L19 Head Stud Kit for 350Z/G35 (2003-06)

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Price: $449.00  $800.00  with Free Shipping!
Part: VQ35L19HSK
  • 350Z
  • G35


ARP L19 head studs for your 2003-06 Nissan 350Z or Infiniti G35 with VQ35DE engine are the ultimate head fastening solution for any power level. This is a custom cut, special order set of OEM fitment head studs using ARP's highest grade hardware possible. Each stud is treated to over 230,000psi, capable of holding whatever power level you can possibly produce with your VQ35. The L19 grade hardware is the same that Funny Car and Top Fuel dragsters use in their motors.

Includes necessary ARP hardware, such as nuts and washers, with ARP's traditional high quality heat treating. This is a custom pieced kit provided by Injected Performance. ARP does not offer this kit in their standard catalog. For your convenience, we stock these kits for immediate shipment.

Automotive Racing Products, or ARP as they are most famously known as, is the primary authority in high quality automotive fasteners, especially for racing use. With extreme quality grades of head and main studs, wheel studs, and other hardware, ARP has the type of products that we demand for our high power builds. High power or not, ARP products are guaranteed to be multiple times stronger than factory hardware for that extra reassurance.

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