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ARP Extended Wheel Studs for RSX/S2000 100-7712

Price: $19.16  $31.94
Part: 100-7712
  • RSX
  • S2000


ARP extended wheel studs for your Acura RSX or Honda S2000 are a heavily upgraded replacement for weakened factory wheel studs. Repeated drag racing launches have been known to twist and fatigue the factory studs. Treated to over 190,000psi, ARP's extended wheel studs have long been a staple for any serious drag or track car, and are proven to withstand the brute force of high horsepower launches.

Extended wheel studs are also required when using aggressive spacers. Exact spacer allowance will vary depending on the wheel hub thickness and spacer width, although we recommend at least 7-8 complete turns of the lug nut to ensure a solid mount.

Note: Packaged as a set of five extended wheel studs, each with an overall length of 3.0". This will use the factory thread pitch of 12x1.50. Also fits other 1988-2000 Honda models.

Automotive Racing Products, or ARP as they are most famously known as, is the primary authority in high quality automotive fasteners, especially for racing use. With extreme quality grades of head and main studs, wheel studs, and other hardware, ARP has the type of products that we demand for our high power builds. High power or not, ARP products are guaranteed to be multiple times stronger than factory hardware for that extra reassurance.

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